Our Staff

Our plan review staff has completed 1,000’s of plan reviews over the past 25+ years and are ready to assist you with our expertise. Below are some of the key players in the organization.



Was a carpenter by trade and Home Builder. Marie worked for York County SC for over 20 years first as an inspector and then as a Plan Reviewer before retiring in 2015.

(VP 3rd PPR, LLC)

Was a contractor and commercial electrician by trade. John operated England Enterprises LLC, a plan review and inspection company, between 1992 and 2012 (sold to Safebuilt). Since 1998, England Training LLC has been teaching building inspectors, contractors and designers the ins and outs of the building and related codes.

Worked for the SC DHEC, SC Fire Marshals office a well as Richland County as a Building and Fire Plan Reviewer. For the past 5 years Patrick has been teaching for England Training LLC.

Other plan reviewers are available as needed to handle workloads and additional expertise in specific fields.

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